Raquna Sheldon
Kanji ラクーナ・シェルドン
Romaji Rakūna Sherudon
Personal Details
Race Human
Age 20
Gender Female
Relatives Unnamed Father, Rosa (maid)
Professional Details
Class Protector
Affiliation Midgard Library, Player's Guild
Voice Actors
Japanese Shizuka Ito
English Erin Fitzgerald
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Raquna Sheldon, known as Racoona Sheldon (ラクーナ・シェルドン, Rakūna Sherudon) in Japanese, is the second member of the Midgard Library investigation team. She is a Protector, who can defend her allies as well as being a great frontline fighter. Although she is of royal birth, her easygoing personality makes her well-liked by everyone. Though she stays loyal to the team, she's the first to suggest a visit to the local tavern, which evokes some concern in the others. Raquna is of the Sheldon family, who live in a place called Ontario in the far north.

Personality Edit

Raquna is a very casual woman. Out of the three in the Midgard Library Investigation Team, she's the most level headed. She's very amiable, shown by her attempts to bond with Frederica early on in the game. Raquna has a playful side to her personality shown by her occasional teasing comments of the player and Frederica's 'romance' and light teasing of the party members.

She loves to cook, but is absolutely dreadful at it. In official comics included with the game it is shown that Raquna is a terrible cook capable of making vomit worthy dishes. This is further shown by a scene in-game, where you can have Raquna make ice cream for the group. If she does, it's quite disgusting and prompts Rosa to actually make some properly.

Obviously, shown by her class, she has a sturdy sense of bravery and is a very reliable member to depend upon.

She enjoys drinking. Very often.


  • Raquna shares the same voice actress as Chie Satonaka from Atlus' Persona 4.[1]
  • It is mentioned that the her family lives in Ontario, referring to a province of Canada but is not confirmed to be of the same location. Humorously, she exhibits many Canadian stereotypes - her accent, mannerisms (she frequently ends her sentences with "eh?"), and fondness of maple-flavored ice cream.
  • 'Raccoona Sheldon' was a pseudonym sometimes used by the American science fiction writer Alice Bradley Sheldon, better known under the name James Tiptree Jr. Works she published under this name include the short stories "The Screwfly Solution" and “Your Faces, O My Sisters! Your Faces Filled of Light!”.