Rare Breed is a mechanic in the Etrian Odyssey franchise in which enemies (even FOEs) can sometimes spawn as a sparkling golden variant. When starting a battle with a Rare Breed, you will gain 2 burst points. Rare Breeds display an alert message when encountered, and at the beginning of each turn another message will be displayed indicating that they are increasing in power. Rare Breed enemies will typically move first in any given turn, and unlike most enemies have a chance to flee, so priority Leg Bind abilities can be valuable in catching them. In the event that a Rare Breed escapes, you will lose 2 burst points from your total. When defeated Rare Breeds pay out a sizeable EXP bonus, making them desirable when leveling your party, but the increase in power can turn routine FOE battles into deadly encounters, so care must be taken. Some food items can increase the spawn rate of FOEs in Etrian Odyssey IV.

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