Red Lion (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Red Lion
A giant lion known for its flame like mane. Once it awakens, it crushes its prey with powerful jaws.
Enemy Data
HP 3170
AT 78
DF 75
EXP 13220
Skills Biting Flurry
Items Red Lion Hide, Red Lion Fang (Conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance None
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The Red Lion is a common enemy who appears on B3F of the Hall of Darkness. Just like his cousin, the Sleeping Lion, this king of beasts also enjoys taking naps during battle.

You will find the Red Lion asleep during the beginning of every battle. It will sleep for 2-3 turns, giving you a chance to eliminate other enemies. Once it wakes up, it will activate Biting Flurry, a frighteningly powerful slash attack that targets the entire party. It will only do this attack once. Once it has done this attack, it will immediately go back to sleep.

One tactic to fighting this enemy is to eliminate every other monster beforehand, particularly if it is paired with a Hollow Magus. While the lion is sleeping, buff your entire party against physical attacks and lower the lion's physical attack power. Once you have done so, use a powerful ability on the sleeping lion. Once it has woken up, use this turn to defend. Hopefully the angered lion shouldn't be able to one shot your whole party. Use the sleeping phase to heal your whole party, then rinse and repeat. If you are confident in your ability to deal damage and your team's speed, however, killing it before its turn on the second round of combat is also a possibility.

If you manage to land a head bind, the Red Lion is largely declawed, leaving you free to take it out at your own leisure or to handle the other threats.

It heavily resists instant death and petrify - there is only a 1% chance it will succeed (before the Arcanist's Ailment Boost is factored in). For this reason, it's better to hit hard with Shadow Bite or another powerful skill for maximum damage.

Conditional DropEdit

There are no conditions to meet to obtain this drop, it has a low possibility of dropping this item. Though you can always use Formaldehyde in order to obtain it.

Related MonstersEdit

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