Redclaw (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Man-eating bears whose fur has been stained red with the blood of

their victims.

Enemy Data
HP 371
AT 155
DF 75
EXP 1006
Skills Fear Eye, Bleeder
Items Shred Nail, Red Hide
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
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Redclaws are first encountered on B13F.

They are powerful enemies with high attack. If fought alongside other monsters it may be a good idea to focus on them first, as their skill Bleeder can do high damage to one target.

They can also use Fear Eye, which may inflict fear on one party member.

Skills Edit

  • Fear Eye (Uses ???): May inflict fear on one target.
  • Bleeder (Uses ???): A more powerful version of its regular attack.

Related Monsters Edit

Bloodbear (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Bloodbear IV
A vicious bear whose fur is matted with blood. It is vulnerable while readying a deadly strike.
Enemy Data
HP 1171
AT 22
DF 17
EXP 1994
Skills Bear Claw, Ruinous Strike
Items Rending Claw
Weakness Fire, Ice, Volt
Resistance None
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Bloodbears first appear in the last area of the Second floor in the Lush Woodlands posing to be the final boss of the maze.

The first time you fight one, it'll run off after taking 75% of it's health. After you chase it down the stairs and engage it, it will be at half health. Once you've arrived at the 3rd floor, there are many Bloodbears scattered about.

It's much stronger than its counterpart, the Cutter. If you attempt to attack the Berserker King head on, two Bloodbears will try to join the battle, making it much more difficult. Strategywise, the Bloodbear likes to try and charge up Ruinous Strike occasionally and will give you two turns to attack it before unleashing it. If you deal enough damage, it'll flinch, and you'll be fine. If not, massive damage will be dealt to the whole party. A great way to stop Ruinous Strike is Burst Skills. A quick Ice Coffin or Double Slash to the face usually makes it flinch with a buff or two.

Skills Edit

  • Bear Claw (Uses arms):
  • Ruinous Strike (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

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