I've resurrected something terrible in the Lush Woodlands... Please, it needs to be stopped! Please, kill it!


Quest GuideEdit

Again a request from the same Client, who is no longer among the living, apparently all your previous work was for this! Now you must right the wrong of your former Client and take down the Sand Leviathan.

The Leviathan is located in the secret area of the stratum, directly behind the Berserker King. For greater ease, the player can use the shortcut from the altar on B3F. It is recommended that the party be at least level 55 to safely take on the Sand Leviathan.

Afterwards, the Sand Leviathan will continue to respawn like the other bosses in the same area for player seeking to get more of its drops.


  • Exp: 11,000 per member
  • Item: Heavenly Belt

Related QuestsEdit

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