The Explorers Guild requests that the Baboons within the Old Forest Mine be exterminated as they have become a hazard.


Quest GuideEdit

This is a relatively straightforward quest. The object is simple - kill the baboons in the Old Forest Mine. However, they have been replaced with Raging Baboons - stronger versions of the otherwise very benign FOEs. Upon taking all three down, the party will feel an oppressive presence. Begin to return to the skyship, and the Baboon King will appear. You are free to return to town to heal and prepare for the fight, but the quest cannot be completed until the Baboon King is defeated.


  • Items: Protection I Burst Scroll (Teaches Aegis Guard)
  • Exp: 6,400 per member
  • Bonus: Unlocks an extra Burst Skill Slot

Related QuestsEdit

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