Ruin Caller (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Ruin Caller
Ruin Caller
A three-headed dragon that once threatened Damavand. It is revered now, but some doubt it...
Personal Details
HP 5520
AT 51
DF 50
EXP 36000
Skills Dragon Quake, Regenerate
Items Raging Talon, Raging Scale
Weakness None
Resistance Elemental Attacks
Professional Details
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Frost Head
Personal Details
HP 740
AT 36
DF 34
Skills Twin Ice Spear, Ice Breath, Ice Pillar
Items Blizzard Bead
Weakness Volt
Resistance Ice
Professional Details
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Flame Head
Personal Details
HP 910
AT 40
DF 39
Skills Twin Fire Spear, Fire Breath, Fire Pillar, Ultimate Ruin
Items Inferno Bead
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
Professional Details
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Thunder Head
Personal Details
HP 860
AT 39
DF 36
Skills Twin Volt Spear, Volt Breath, Volt Pillar
Items Tempest Bead
Weakness Fire
Resistance Volt
Professional Details
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The Ruin Caller is fought during the Sea Quest for the Trade City of Damavand.

Strategy Edit

It's important to keep at least one head out of commission at all times to prevent it from using Ultimate Ruin. If all three can be killed, the body will do nothing for several turns until it uses Regenerate.

Skills Edit

  • Dragon Quake (Uses Legs): Hits the entire party for damage + a chance to bind legs.
  • Regenerate (Uses ???): Regenerates missing heads.
  • Twin [Element] Spear (Uses head): Deals damage of the appropriate element to random targets.
  • Ice Breath (Uses head): Ice damage to all + Curse
  • Fire Breath (Uses head): Fire damage to all + attack down
  • Volt Breath (Uses head): Volt damage to all + Arm Bind
  • [Element] Pillar (Uses head): Deals damage of the appropriate element to one target.
  • Ultimate Ruin: Co-op attack with all three heads. Deals heavy non-elemental damage to all.

Conditional DropsEdit

  • To get its conditional drop, the Raging Scale, you must kill it with an elemental attack.

Trivia Edit

  • Story-wise, the player's Guild does not (and cannot) actually kill the Ruin Caller; they just weaken it enough for it to be sealed again.

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