"These ruins of the giants are said to have been made before the Great Calamity. Previous explorers claim to have been attacked by stone giants." - Sea Quest Description

Steps Edit

Sea Quests Edit

The Golem is fought here.

Historian puglist Edit

Bongaro: Level 42 Passionate Historian (Monk) - (Front Row)

Fashion trendsetter Edit

Dezerte: Level 40 A Date With History (Prince) - (Front Row)

Knuckle: Level 39 A Date With History (Gladiator) - (Front Row)

Cygnal sisters Edit

Ruby: Level 40 Cygnal Sisters (Zodiac) - (Back Row)

Sapphire: Level 39 Cygnal Sisters (Zodiac) - (Back Row)

Amber: Level 38 Cygnal Sisters (Zodiac) - (Back Row)