Frigid peaks, blizzards, and the taste of adventure!

The Sacred Mountains are a more complex area in the Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan areas, and it involves having to travel under tornadoes, and heavy snowfall that prevents you from coming back up in certain areas. It is also the first area that has a dungeon that has two entrances, which is the Golden Lair.

Completing that maze is necessary to open the ravine in the north leading to the Cloudy Stronghold.

Cargo FoundEdit


  • Mountain Hare
    • ​A rare source for protein in cold climes.
    • 50 en
  • Snowy Lapin
    • A beautiful hare with hints of red fur.
    • 110 en
  • Happiness Hare
    • An uncommon hare said to bring good fortune.
    • 270 en


  • Amber Turkey
    • A bird commonly cooked by roasting it whole
    • 70 en
  • Snow Turkey
    • Its snow white feathers are used as decoration.
    • 100 en
  • Royal Turkey
    • Considered a delicacy even in faraway lands.
    • 290 en


  • Flying Smelt
    • Caught by fighting in holes in frozen lakes
    • 40 en
  • Stormy Smelt
    • A perfect fish for frying
    • 80 en
  • Sweetfish
    • Used in soup stock for its multiple tastes
    • 330 en


  • Sunshine Apple
    • It looks unappetizing, but tastes very sweet.
    • 60 en
  • White Apple
    • A sweet apple grown in darkness.
    • 90 en
  • Crimson Apple
    • Its sweet poison must be carefully removed.
    • 250 en


  • Ice Pomegranite
    • Shines like crystals and melts in your mouth.
    • 1,800 en
  • Golden Crab
    • Its incredible taste leaves one speechless.
    • 8,888 en
  • Ice Crystal
    • Crystalized malice of the Blizzard King.
    • 1,000 en

FOEs PresentEdit

Low ElevationEdit

  • None

Medium ElevationEdit

High ElevationEdit

Mazes & CavernsEdit

Name Type Entry Description Elevation Land Co-ordinates
Cramped Nest Cave "Rocks claw at uncertain wanderers" Medium C1
Golden Lair Labyrinth

E1"Blazing scales bar the way"

E2"Ice Shards open thy path"



Entrance 1A4

Entrance 2A3

Underground Lake Cave "The double-edged sword of progress" Medium A5
Toxic Cave Cave

"Unclean cave despoiled by chaos"

Medium A1


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