Salamander (Salamox in the second game) is an Optional Boss encountered on 8F in Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard and its remake.

This fire breathing lizard resides in the Auburn Thicket. Being far more powerful than the other monsters that reside the area, avoiding combat with this creature is a must in order to continue the exploration of the forest. However, the Duchy has interest in the monster, specifically its plumes, an vital ingredient of the Panacea sought by the princess High Lagaard, in order to heal her father from a deadly malady. Thus, a mission is issued, and the adventurers must obtain said item while avoiding combat with this fearsome beast.

While no quests to kill Salamox exist in the original game, the remake introduces one that requires its normal drop. That said, Salamox remains an optional boss, and can be completely avoided if you deem the fight unnecessary.

Salamox (Etrian Odyssey II) Edit

Wears a layer of flame as armor. Inexperienced explorers are advised not to attempt it.
Enemy Data
HP 4100
AT 85
DF 80
Skills Breath, Tail, Blood Cry
Items Flame Bone, Flame Puff (Conditional)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Volt
Immune Fire
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The player is first introduced to Salamox through the mission "In pursuit of Salamox". Its room is easily accessed from 8F, but it also fiercely guards the three search spots where the Flame Plume could be located. To get it out of the way, draw its attention, then lead it around the room so you can search the areas. Mind the damage tiles and Firekings nearby.

Skills Edit

  • Breath (Uses head): Ranged fire attack across the entire party, may bind legs.
  • Tail (Uses legs): 3-6 bash attacks across random party members.
  • Blood Cry (Uses head): May cause instant death or curse to the party.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • To get its conditional drop, the Flame Puff, you need to defeat it with a fire attack.

Salamander (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

A giant creature that wears flames itself as armor! It seeks to incinerate its foes.
Enemy Data
HP 23000
AT 60
DF 50
Skills Avarice Claw, Crushing Tail, Hellfire Breath, Heal Cry Inferno Rounds
Items Flame Marrow, Flame Breath (conditional)
Weakness Ice, Curse
Resistance Stun, Fear, Panic, Paralyze, Arm bind, Leg bind
Immune Fire, Instant Death, Petrify, Blind
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Salamox, renamed as Salamander, returns in the game's remake, keeping its original role. It will behave differently in overworld however, keeping stationary and breathing fire at you to keep you away from it. Every three times it breathes fire however, the beast will have to stop and rest for several steps, giving you time to either reach the area where the plume is, or attack it from behind, granting you an preemptive attack. Defeating the Salamander is required to obtain the Flame Marrow item for the quest "The Ancient Blade", which is key to unlocking the quest that enables the fight with the Great Dragon.

The fight against the Salamander, like the other remade boss fights, has been largely revamped and has been made more difficult. Despite this, the fight is rather straightforward and as long as you can handle its mechanics well, you shouldn't have many problems. It goes without saying to have protection against fire before starting the fight, either with skills, items or equipment. Having head bind protection for characters who use this kind of skill is recommended as well, but optional. Skills that inflict head bind or sleep are useful as well.

Salamander will always open the fight using Avarice Claw, an attack that pierces across both character rows, dealing heavy damage and inflicting either paralysis or poison. The poison effect of this attack is very powerful, inflicting over 200 damage, so bringing protection against it may be necessary such as venom rings, Prevent Order, or food from Regina. Every turn after it uses Avarice Claw, Salamander will use Hellfire Breath, inflicting massive fire elemental damage on the entire party. Crushing Tail will inflict medium damage, and hit random targets multiple times. Harsh Cry reduces the elemental defense of the entire party and may inflict head bind on them.

Through the fight, Salamander will summon several Baby Salamanders. While these monsters are F.O.Es, they are very weak compared to your party at this point, so their damage shouldn't be that high. However, their main function is removing your Fire Wall protection on the turns Salamander uses Hellfire Breath, using Flame Breath, a weak fire attack that hits a single character row. Since the Fire Wall skill only blocks a single fire attack, this will leave said character row unprotected against Salamander's fearsome attack, likely killing them. If your party is relying on said skill to survive, your best bet is to bind the Baby Salamander heads, or inflict sleep on them, incapacitating them on said turn. While killing the babies may seem tempting, Salamander will retaliate with its most powerful attack if you do so, the Inferno Rounds. This attack inflicts massive fire damage, hitting random targets several times. Not only that, but Salamander will use this outside its pattern, meaning that it can use this attack AND another of its skills in the same turn. For this reason, you must avoid killing the babies at all costs, otherwise you will have little chance surviving the Salamander's barrage of attacks. Salamander will never use Inferno Rounds if you don't kill its babies. Bear in mind that if the Salamander notices its babies are afflicted with ailments, it can use Heal Cry to restore its health and remove ailments from it and its babies, making acquiring the conditional drop slightly more difficult.

Skills Edit

  • Hellfire Breath (Uses head): Massive fire damage on the entire party.
  • Avarice Claw (Uses arms): Pierces across the rows, dealing heavy damage and inflicting paralysis or poison.
  • Crushing Tail (Uses legs): Medium damage against random targets. Hits 4-6 times.
  • Harsh Cry (Uses head): Reduces the elemental defense of the entire party, and may inflict head bind.
  • Heal Cry (Uses head): Restores 3500 HP to its allies and removes ailments.
  • Inferno Rounds (Uses ???): Massive fire damage to random targets. Hits 6-8 times. Used whenever a Baby Salamander is killed.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get Salamander's conditional drop, the Fire Breath, you must kill it while the boss is inflicted with the fear status. Selling this to the shop unlocks the Agneyastra, one of the strongest guns in the game.

Related Monsters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Salamox has similar traits to the Boiling Lizard from Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan. Both are fire-based monsters that are fond of claiming specific tracts of territory for their nests, and they have a few commonalities in their attacks (fire breath, tail attacks). Perhaps most tellingly, their means of acquiring their conditional drops are both identical as well (on the original game at least, as it has been changed in the remake).
  • Salamox is a callback to Wyvern in the first Etrian Odyssey, being an optional boss that you must avoid the first time you see it, in order to get and item from them, and can only be beaten much later in the game when you are strong enough. The Untold series makes it even more obvious by having Salamander to behave in a similar way to her, being stationary while firing attacks from afar at the party.

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