Sand LeviathanEdit

Sand Leviathan
A sand colored dragon that spits fiery balls of sand. Though it is enormous, its wings do carry its weight.
Enemy Data
HP 20000
AT 61
DF 54
EXP 41597
Skills Fiery Bolts, Withering Roar, Crushing Bite
Items Sand Horn, Poison Wing (Conditional Drop)
Weakness Ice
Resistance Fire
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The Sand Leviathan is an optional boss in Etrian Odyssey IV. It has a wide range of AoE attacks, but damage can be easily mitigated via a Fortress' Party Shield skill. This boss can only be challenged by accepting the quest Revival of the leviathan; which requires the completion of both the Preserved by Ice and Forbidden Wisdom quests. The monster is located in the B3F of the Lush Woodlands, as accessed from the Misty Ravine. Its room is directly behind the Berserker King.

Skills Edit

  • Fiery Bolts (Uses head): 3-4 random ranged fire attacks across the party.
  • Sand Shot (Uses head): 3-4 weak random ranged untyped attacks across the party, may blind.
  • Withering Roar (Uses head): Reduces the party's defenses for 3 turns.
  • Crushing Bite (Uses head): Melee bash attack with splash effect.
  • Stunning Bite (Uses head): Melee bash attack, may stun.

Conditional Drops Edit

  • In order to obtain its conditional drop, the Poison Wing, you must kill it while it is under Poison status. Doing so prevents you from getting its normal drop. The Poison Wing coupled with a Staff Shard unlocks the Panacea Vest, the best armor for Medics.

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