Sandy Barrens
As opposed to the Azure Rainforest, the fourth Stratum of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth is a sandy and dry, appropriately named Sandy Barrens. There is little greenery here, and the few that can be found are in shades of brown, orange and yellow. It is here where the Forest Folk reside.


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Floor Monsters Bosses/FOEs Mined Items Chopped Items Taken Items Number of Treasure Boxes
B16F Flamerat, Golden Deer, Hexroot, Black Boar Medusa Tree -- Sand Twig, Dried Peachtree, Temari Katahiba -- 3
B17F Huge Moa, Sandfish, Black Boar, Golden Deer, Hexroot, Flamerat Medusa Tree Hard Shard, Steel Chip, Cullinan -- -- 2
B18F Forest Soldier, Forest Mystic, Forest Druid, Golden Deer, Hexroot, Huge Moa, Pixie, Black Boar, Sandfish, Forest Warrior Forest Demon, Forest Ogre, World Bud*, Diabolix** -- -- Sap Wine, Oleander, Cordyceps 0
B19F Death Mantis, Forest Warrior, Faerie, Forest Mystic, Forest Druid Diabolix, Cruella Hard Shard, Steel Chip, Cullinan Sand Twig, Dried Peachtree, Temari Katahiba Sap Wine, Oleander, Cordyceps 3
B20F -- Iwaoropenelep, Diabolix, Cruella, Forest Demon, Forest Ogre -- -- -- 2

*The World Bud acts akin to an FOE and can be seen on the map. It is not as dangerous, and instead is difficult to chase down.

**The Diabolix on B18F only shows up during the quest "Reversal of the poles".

Special NotesEdit

  • In order to get to the secret area beyond the shortcut on B16F, a quest is needed.


Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth IV - The Withered Forest04:22

Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Labyrinth IV - The Withered Forest

  • Flamerat
  • Golden Deer
  • Hexroot
  • Huge Moa
  • Forest Ogre
  • Forest Soldier
  • Forest Mystic
  • Forest Druid
  • Pixie
  • Forest Warrior
  • World Bud
  • Diabolix
  • Cruella
  • Death Mantis
  • Faerie
  • Iwaoropenelep
  • Forest Demon
  • Manticore

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