The fins on these fish have evolved into a sawblade-like shape. They do grievous damage.
Enemy Data
HP 815
AT 62
DF 42
EXP 9200
Skills Saw Slash
Items Sawfish Scale, Saw Fin
Weakness Volt
Resistance Slash, Ice
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The Sawfish is a monster that appears in the early floors of the 6th stratum, the Claret Hollows, in Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. Although they are among the weakest enemies in the Claret Hollows, they are still an imposing force, as they usually appear either in groups or with other enemies. They also have the ability Saw Slash, which not only can hit an entire row, but has a chance to lower party defense as well.

Locations Edit

  • Claret Hollows: B26F - B27F

Related Monsters Edit

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