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Personal Details
HP 228
AT 10
DF 10
Skills Chase Fire
Items None
Weakness None
Resistance None
Professional Details
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Metallic scales shed from the Boiling Lizard. These scales are encountered throughout the dungeon, dealing small amounts of damage as the party gets close. Particularly large piles of scales control the temperature of the room, as their presence melts any ice in the room and alters the behaviour of monsters. They can only be destroyed by Ice Stakes, which can be collected from certain chop spots.

During battle with the Boiling Lizard, the Lizard may occasionally release scales into the battlefield. These can perform Chase Fire, which allow them to follow up on the Lizard's own fire attacks. Only Ice Stakes can be used to destroy them, although ice magic can temporarily deactivate them to stop them from chasing the Lizard's own attacks.

Related MonstersEdit

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