Scaled Dragon (Etrian Odyssey III) Edit

Scaled Dragon
Scaled Dragon
Its powerful jaws can easily crush human bones. It is also more agile than it may seem.
Enemy Data
HP 1552
AT 28
DF 28
EXP 6808
Skills Charge, Charge In
Items Water Spine, Speed Book
Weakness Volt
Resistance None
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Scaled Dragons are found on B7F and B8F. They are aggressive FOEs and will chase the player once the player steps within a two tile radius.

In combat, they can amplify their attacks with Charge or dive at the whole party with Charge In. The damage from Charge IN is pretty high, so a Monk with Line Heal and Party Heal can be helpful.

They are the main source for elusive Speed Books, which can augment a guild member's AGI stat permanently.

Skills Edit

  • Charge (Uses ???): Increases the power of the attack in next turn.
  • Charge In (Uses ???): Hits the entire party for damage.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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