A height beyond even the birds.

This is the second area in Etrian Odyssey IV, accessed after opening the ravine north of the Windy Plains. Due to the rugged terrain, navigation is limited until the Skyship can ascend to a higher elevation.

The landscape is dominated by scarlet-red mountains punctuated by green forest foliage in the valleys. A river flows through the central valleys and drains into the Windy Plains, with a Geomagnetic Pole situated in the middle of the river.

At the north end lies a maze, the Misty Ravine, which is the key to progressing further north to the Sacred Mountains.

Cargo FoundEdit


  • Forest Wild Pig
    • The meat's texture is perfect for a hot pot.
    • 30 en
  • Silk White Pig
    • Its meat can easily be torn with one's teeth.
    • 45 en
  • Gray Black Pig
    • Its high-quality meat shines a milky white.
    • 190 en


  • Forest Ostrich
    • This ostrich's red meat is quite healthy.
    • 15 en
  • Humped Ostrich
    • The fat stored in its hump is delicious.
    • 60 en
  • Scarlet Emu
    • Cooks must treat its poison sacs with care.
    • 210 en


  • Bearded Catfish
    • It preys on fish using its beard as a lure.
    • 20 en
  • Fatty Catfish
    • A speckled fish with nice, fatty meat.
    • 70 en
  • Galaxy Catfish
    • Its silver flesh is delightfully juicy.
    • 165 en


  • Apricot Maitake
    • This mushroom's scent is like dried apricots.
    • 25 en
  • Oyster Shroom
    • Its stalk has the taste and texture of oysters.
    • 35 en
  • Gold Stinkhorn
    • This "forest queen" has a lacy curtain.
    • 140 en


  • ​Immortal Peach
    • Its juice is rich enough to intoxicate.
    • 2,200 en
  • ​Black Diamond
    • Truffles only a Gray Black Pig can find.
    • 6,666 en
  • ​Flash Crystal
    • Crystalized aura of the Storm Emperor.
    • 650 en

FOEs PresentEdit

Low ElevationEdit

  • The Dream Eater is what appears to be a sheep. Its gaze will put your party members to sleep.

Medium ElevationEdit

  • There is only one Dinogator that roams in front of the Moth's Garden, and patrols the area and will not be distracted by food. To make it move out of the area, lure another FOE, like the Dream Eater over towards the Dinogator, and it will move away and eat the FOE.
  • The Omnihunter is a fearsome foe, because it can take down your party members in 1 shot with its Amputate skill. It can be distracted with a fish.

High ElevationEdit

Mazes & CavernsEdit

Name Type Entry Description Elevation Land Co-ordinates
Misty Ravine Labyrinth "Forgotten song of yearning" Medium A3
Moth's Garden Cave "Battle cries draw woeful attention" Medium C1
Noisy Marsh Cave "The waterside where frogs sing" Medium B1
Miasma Forest Cave "Unseen malice stalks from behind" Low A3


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