Shileka's goods
Shilleka's Goods is named after the owner, Shilleka, who is the town's blacksmith and weaponsmith. She uses materials from adventurers to create weapons, accessories, armor, and items that every adventurer needs when going into the Labyrinth. Shilleka recently inherited the shop, however she does her best with what she's sold, and is in high regards to everyone who speaks of her. And while she creates necessities for adventurers, she has only been into the Labyrinth herself a handful of times.


  • Buy: Shilleka will sell you weapons, armor, accessories, and items. When a new item is in stock, she will announce it to you and put a tag on it that states it as new. Sometimes when sold something she didn't have in stock before, she will start stocking that item.
  • Sell: You can also sell things from the Labyrinth that you found, as well as items that are taking up space. She will buy materials, equipment, and consumables. Any material she's sold will go towards creating something, and she can't create anything without materials. So it pays to sell in more ways than one!
  • Equipment: Adventurers can also change out their equipment in the shop, to either wear something new that was bought or to take it off to sell to Shilleka.

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