I want to start serving a mushroom dish for my customers. Please get me some tasty mushrooms from the Scarlet Pillars.


Quest GuideEdit

Dalla requests the party to head to the Scarlet Pillars to harvest some mushrooms. These are obtained at the plant harvest points in the land. Three mushrooms are needed to complete the quest.

Additional rewards are given if you also turn in 1 or more Golden Stinkhorns.


  • Increased storage space

If no Golden Stinkhorns are given:

  • Exp: 900 per member

If 1 Golden Stinkhorn is given:

  • Exp: 1,000 per member
  • Bonus: Amrita

If 2 or more Golden Stinkhorns are given:

  • Exp: 1,100 per member
  • Bonus: Amrita x2

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