Silent Killer
A humanoid soldier built to annihilate intruders. It bisects its targets in a single swipe.
Enemy Data
HP 3768
AT 54
DF 52
EXP 18011
Skills Target Search, Guillotine Arm, Damage Drain
Items Killer Blade
Weakness None
Resistance Physical Attacks, Fire
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Silent Killers are found on B3F of the Echoing Library only when accessed via the Forgotten Capital. Its movement is similar to that of the Cold Watchman.

Damage Drain can prolong the fight quite a while, as it will restore the full amount of damage done to it as health instead. It will always use this on every third turn (3,6,9,etc), so avoiding it is as simple as not attacking on those turns.

Guillotine Arm is a move that will either inflict huge damage or instantly kill the target. Often used on the turn after "Target Search", which works exactly like it does with the Cold Watchman.

Related MonstersEdit

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