Silker (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

The silken threads these spiders weave are used to bind unlucky Labyrinth explorers.
Enemy Data
HP 429
AT 200
DF 120
EXP 1675
Skills Web, Silencer, Disarmer
Items Gum Thread
Weakness Fire, Volt
Resistance Status
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Silkers are enemies that are first encountered on B21F. The Silker is able to bind every body part of your party: Web binds the legs, Disarmer binds the arms and Silencer binds the heads.

Related Monsters Edit

Binding Spider (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Binding Spider
An arachnoid creature of Ginnungagap, outfitted with poison-tipped fangs to weaken enwebbed prey.
Enemy Data
HP 5836
AT 28
DF 24
EXP 6500
Skills Snaring String, Poison Fang
Items Sturdy Web
Weakness Fire, Paralyze
Resistance Death, Petrify, All Binds
Immune Poison
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Binding Spiders are FOEs found on B2F of Ginnungagap. They lurk on the ceiling of some rooms, turning aggressive when the player enters. Once the player is within 3 squares of one, it prepares a web attack that ensnares the player, allowing the FOE several turns to approach them. Should the player be attacked while bound, the entire party is completely bound.

However, in several corners of these rooms, the webbing goes low enough that the player can interact with them. Choosing to set the webbing alight will kill the FOE (until it respawns when the player leaves Ginnungagap), allowing the player free reign of the room.


  • Snaring String (uses head): Ranged attack to the entire party, may bind head/arm/leg.
  • Poison Fang (uses head): Melee cut attack to 1 target, may poison.

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