Simon Yorke
Personal Details
Status Living
Race Human
Age 24
Gender Male
Relatives Deceased
Professional Details
Class Medic
Affiliation Midgard Library, Player's Guild
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Ono
English Brian Beacock
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Simon Yorke is one of the main playable characters of Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl. He is the leader of the investigation team from the Midgard Library. He was sent with his comrades Arthur Clarke and Raquna Sheldon to investigate the ruins of Gladsheim. Simon, along with Raquna and Arthur, joins your party after you enter Gladsheim and approach a certain room.


Telling by his appearance and knowledge, Simon is a very intelligent young man. He seems to be the exact opposite of Arthur's personality and is one of the more cautious ones in the group. Simon is often seen as the know-it-all and is the one everyone depends on for the facts, yet he is quite humble despite all of the intelligence he has. He is one to take caution before aggression and is wary and always thinks before making a decision.

Even when coming across dilemmas and dangerous happenings, Simon always keeps a cool and leveled perspective. He keeps his calm and is quick to thinking when your party needs him, making him quite a capable individual.


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.
Simon lived in the mining town of Gotham, located near one of the Yggdrasil. He lived with his younger siblings and was at least acquainted with Arthur when they were kids. Ten years prior to the start of the first game, a great disaster struck when one of the ruined laboratories connected to Gladsheim activated the weapon, Gungnir, to destroy the Yggdrasil Core near its vicinity, which happens to be the Yggdrasil near Gotham. The weapon was able to activate and destroy the core, but its destructive power also destroyed the Yggdrasil and all the towns near it. It destroyed everything and killed everyone, except Simon and Arthur, whom the former saved from near death. The two fled their devastated home to the Midgard Library. The two were taken in, raised and educated. Simon read the many tomes and books of the Library and developed a thirst for knowledge and became quite the intellectual. It was in Midgard where Simon trained to become a medic. Though Arthur seemed to have forgotten most of the details of the disaster as a result of being traumatized, Simon never forgot the horrors that transpired that day.

Trivia Edit

  • EO2U implies that Simon, Arthur, and Raquna were given VIP status for their deeds in Etria. Flavio and the Protagonist refer to him as their superior during the Tindalos sidequest.
  • Simon has been known to use the alias 'Ryle' when going undercover.


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