The Skoll is a FOE that appears in Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey Untold. In both games, they act as underlings to Fenrir, the boss of Emerald Grove.

Skoll (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

White-pelted wolves who hunt in the Labyrinth's upper reaches,

under Fenrir's command.

Enemy Data
HP 400
AT 54
DF 30
EXP 612
Skills Fang, Evil Cry
Items Stiff Hide
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice, Status, Bindings, Instant Death
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Skolls can be found around Fenrir on B5F.

Skolls are basically buffed versions of the normal Wolf. They will Evil Cry when possible to increase their attack power and attack normally or with their Fang ability to do damage.

While defeating Skolls alone is easy, they can become a major threat when fighting against Fenrir, since they will try to get into the fight to assist him.

Related MonstersEdit

Skoll (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

A blue-pelted wolf that hunts in the Labyrinth's upper reaches, under Fenrir's command.
Enemy Data
HP 859
AT 16
DF 14
EXP 570
Skills Silver Fang, Binding Howl
Items Wolf Pelt
Weakness Fire
Resistance Ice
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Skolls are found around Fenrir on B5F of the Emerald Grove. As soon as the player initiates combat with Fenrir, each of the six Skolls present will converge on the battle and, if they reach you, will join the back line. The battle will end as soon as Fenrir is defeated, however.

Locations Edit

  • Emerald Grove: B5F

Related Monsters Edit

Skoll (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Enemy Data
HP 6500
AT 60
DF 52
EXP 10000
Skills Silver Fang, Binding Howl
Items None
Weakness Fire, Paralyze
Resistance Ice
Immune Death, Petrify
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Skolls reappear as FOEs joining Fenrir in battle during the "Treasures Untold" DLC quest.

They are a fair bit weaker than Fenrir, but will support by throwing ice damage across the party with Silver Fang and potentially stunning them with Binding Howl. As Fenrir itself is not that strong either (to a Level 90+ party at least), it would be best to focus on Fenrir almost exclusively.


  • Silver Fang (uses head): Ranged ice attack to 1 target.
  • Binding Howl (uses head): Ranged almighty attack to the party, may stun.

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