Sky Emperor
A raptor that has ruled the skies since ancient times. Barring dragons, nothing is stronger.
Enemy Data
HP 6441
AT 65
DF 63
EXP 27427
Skills Gravity Wave, Kiss of Death, Godly Storm
Items Emperor Feather
Weakness Pierce, Volt
Resistance None
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The Sky Emperor is the strongest in the raptor family aside from Iwaoropenelep. Although the first one lives on the Windy Plains he doesn't become available to fight until you have cleared the main story and recieved the Windrider Bell from the Outland Count; however at that point another Sky Emperor takes to the Cloudy Stronghold as its home.

The Sky Emperor patrols a fixed path, moving 2 squares per player step. Dropping a vegetable will distract it, and giving it a Golden Stinkhorn (from the Scarlet Pillars) will turn it into a rare breed. Feeding it a Meteor Pumpkin or an Ebon Carrot (from the Windy Plains) can poison it.

While its description exaggerates just a bit, the Sky Emperor is extremely powerful and should not be underestimated. It tends to open the battle with its Godly Storm attack, which is capable of doing heavy damage to multiple members and almost wiping out an underlevelled party. On its third turn, it will use Gravity Wave to reduce the entire party's evasion, and then use Kiss of Death on the next which has a frighteningly high rate of instant death. Hence, unless its head is bound, the party has, on average, a 4-turn timer to deal with it. Avoid challenging the Sky Emperor unless the party is over Level 70.


  • Gravity Wave (uses head): Lowers the party's evasion for 3 turns.
  • Kiss of Death (uses head): May instantly kill the entire party.
  • Godly Storm (uses arms): Multiple random cut attacks across the entire party.

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