Fly through the skies with friends on your very own Skyship!

Eoiv skyshipcontrol

In-game overview of how to operate your skyship.


The Skyship is a vehicle in Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, and is your primary form of travel. In order to get a Skyship you must first become recognized as an explorer by the Outland Count. To do so you must complete the mission Obtain an Iridescent Ore!


Spoiler Warning: Plot details follow. Read at your own risk.

Approximately 10 years prior to the story's main events, a Skyship crashed near Tharsis. The previous Wharf Master attempted to repair it, but proceedings went very slowly until eventually Whirlwind discovered and suggested the use of Iridescent Ore as a fuel source. Even still most of the technology in the original Skyship was lost, and thus Tharsis' somewhat primitive version became what adventurers today would be using. With this breakthrough the Outland Count issued the challenge to reach Yggdrasil in an effort to meet and establish good relations with whoever built the original Skyship. This ultimately leads to the formation of several adventuring parties.


Initially, the Iridescent Ore only enables the Skyship to fly at a very low elevation. However, by finding new fuel sources you will be able to upgrade your Skyship to fly higher. Additionally, you can gain a new equipment slot for each Stratum you clear aside from the first, up to a total of four.

For medium elevation travel, you must get a Night Shard from the mining point in the Miasma Forest. For high elevation travel, the Black Flame must be retrieved from the Windy Archive.


In addition to the elevation upgrades, the ship also has 1-4 equipment slots that allow you to equip accessories to your ship which achieve a variety of effects

  • Golden Horn: Find rare beasts
  • Golden windcock: Find rare birds
  • Golden Fish Flag: Find rare fish
  • Harvest Charm: Find rare plants
  • Hunter's Guide: Find more beasts
  • Spotter's Book: Find more birds
  • Fishers Manual: Find more fish
  • Farmer's Almanac: Find more plants


  • Foodapult: Toss Distance+1
  • Foodapult Mk II: Toss Distance+2


  • Windrider Bell: Ignore Currents
  • Storm God Icon: Ignore Tornadoes


  • Emergency Pole: Set E.Pole
  • Dowsing Rods: Find Treasure
  • Twin Propellor: Movement+1

To obtain the first 8 parts as well as Foodapult Mk II and the E. Pole, you must do requests from Kirjonen and Wiglaf. If they give you a medicinal item, they no longer have any equipment pieces to give from that area. Once you have obtained every part from them, they will grant you the Twin Propeller which allows you to use the Boost command at will. Using Boost will cause the airship to travel two squares instead of one, making Pooka chasing and Dragon fleeing much easier.