Maneater (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Aggressive plants accustomed to the taste of human flesh. Keep well clear of these.
Enemy Data
HP 230
AT 89
DF 49
EXP 520
Skills Binding, Earache
Items Light Wood, Starseed
Weakness Fire
Resistance Status, Instant Death
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Maneaters are first encountered on B7F. It is the stronger version of the Fangleaf.

Its Binding skill binds one party members arms. Maneaters can also use Earache, which damages one party member and has a chance to bind the head.

Maneaters are very similar to Fangleafs but they hit harder and can also bind the head, which can be fatal if the target for this skill is the Medic.

Skills Edit

  • Binding (Uses ???):
  • Earache (Uses ???):

Related Monsters Edit

Glutton Vine (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Glutton Vine
A vine that grew even more deadly as it gained a taste for man. It will attack indiscriminately.
Enemy Data
HP 272
AT 22
DF 19
EXP 1190
Skills Bite, Coiling Vine
Items Bud Tusk, Pliat Vine
Weakness Slash, Fire
Resistance Pierce
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Glutton Vine is a regular monster you face through out Misty Ravine and the various caves that litter the Scarlet Pillars; they are not particularly special and can easily be defeated.

Skills Edit

  • Bite (Uses Head): Inflicts Bash damage on a single party member and decreases physical defense.
  • Coiling Vine (Uses Arms): Attempts to inflict Leg Bind on a single party member.

Related MonstersEdit

Slavering Vine (Etrian Odyssey Untold) Edit

Slavering Vine
Aggressive plants accustomed to the taste of human flesh. Keep well clear of these.
Enemy Data
HP 415
AT 30
DF 26
EXP ???
Skills Binding Vine, Ear Shredder
Items Squeezing Ivy
Weakness Slash, Fire
Resistance None
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The Slavering Vine is a monster that, although is a 2nd stratum monster, cannot be encountered until after entering the 3rd stratum. It can only be found in areas accessible through the violet key doors. It is quite similar to the Fanged Vine, but with a higher attack and new skills. Binding Vine can be used to bind the party's arms, and Ear Shredder can bind the party's heads.

Skills Edit

  • Binding Vine (Uses ???):
  • Ear Shredder (Uses ???):

Locations Edit

  • Primitive Jungle: B7F - B10F (Violet crystal areas)

Related Monsters Edit

  • Fanged Vine
  • Murder Vine

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