Lately, I can't keep enough Small Flowers in stock to make Nectar. Someone please take me to the Dense Bushland!


Quest GuideEdit

To begin, you need to go to the Berund Atelier to pick Wynne up from the workshop; she will automatically join your party as you leave the store. At the City Gates, she'll tell you that the dense Bushland labyrinth in on the West side of the Windy Plains "up on top of a cliff". Using your newly acquired mid-level elevation, head for the Dense Bushland, but mind the tornadoes and the Supreme Wing guarding it.

Once you make it to the Dense Bushland, you need to lure the lone Bloodbear there all across the map to tear down the barricades in the northern areas of the map. You need to visit the three Take spots in the Dense Bushland to get what Wynne wants. You can also opt to gather at the Take points yourself for Small Flowers for your own stock of Nectar.

During the third visit, a battle with random mobs will ensue - exterminating them should be easy by this point, just don't take too long before the Bloodbear joins the fight.

Return to the bar to complete the quest.


  • Item: Rich Hare's Gift - Holy Gift Burst skill
  • Exp: 1,300 per member

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