"Dance with Fawns in the sunbeams"

A small forest known for an abundance of fruits. It is filled with docile fawns, but those who injure them may face the wrath of angry parents.

Small Orchard (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

The Small Orchard' is one of the locations you'll have access to almost immediately in the game, but should not be attempted until you have reached the second floor of the Lush Woodlands. Once you are of a capable level this dungeon is not difficult at all, but does feature an interesting gimmick.

Roaming the cave are two Furyfawn. They are unremarkable FOE that you can stomp fairly easy. Each one patrols a basic perimeter around the map, and will take a rest at the gathering nodes located in the corners. Although they are weak, it is ill advised to kill them. Doing so will spawn their parent; who is much tougher than her children. She is instantly aggressive to you, moves two tiles at a time, and will panic your party, making your strategies ineffective.

Gather PointsEdit


  • Shea Fruit
    • A high-fat nut with medicinal value.
    • 25 en
  • Dragon's Blood (Rare)
    • Red resin from what is called the Dragon Tree.
    • 50 en


  • A/1-4/4: Fire Hammer
  • B/2-3/5: Poison Hammer
  • C/3-2/2: Lightning Ring

Monsters PresentEdit

FOEs EncounteredEdit


Atelier request II - Wynne from the atelier has created a new kind of weapon that involves an item called Dragon's Blood. Find it and bring it to her.

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