Songbirds are F.O.E.s that appear in both Etrian Odyssey I and Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl.

Songbird (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

A large bird whose entrancing singing voice doubles as an alarm to call for help.
Enemy Data
HP 5500
AT 387
DF 134
EXP 4500
Skills Blazer
Items Red Ore, Gem Plume (Conditional)
Weakness Pierce, Ice
Resistance Fire, Bindings, Status, Instant Death
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Songbirds can summon two Monocytes at random when they are the only ones in battle. It is an alternative grinding method post game, similar to the Treefrog method, and offers around 20,000 exp in 40 turns.

Skills Edit

  • Blazer (Uses ???):

Conditional Drop Edit

  • In order to get the Songbird's conditional drop, the Gem Plume, you must kill the Songbird with a non-Fire elemental attack.

Related Monsters Edit

Songbird (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Songbirds reappear as FOEs in the Claret Hollows, B27F. They remain stationary until a nearby torch is lit, where they will then proceed to move towards the torch and remain beside it. If the player approaches them in a lit area, they will pursue them, but never stray too far from the torch. Songbirds will never traverse over holes, and careful observation of their path may help the player in determining the locations of some holes in the floor.

If multiple nearby torches are lit, they will move towards the closest one - a noteworthy quirk when the player changes floors to reset their position. Only by leaving the labyrinth will the torches extinguish, allowing a player who has sufficiently mapped the floor to traverse without needing to light any torches and risk alerting the Songbirds.

Related Monsters Edit

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