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The Stalker, also known as Mortal Hunter, Omnihunter, and Reaping Shade, is a dangerous, recurring FOE present in all four games. It is a giant carnivorous mantis with a thick exoskeleton, huge spikes protruding from their extremities, and massive scythe-like forelegs sharp enough to decapitate with a single swing. They also have two smaller, multi-bladed scythes as pseudowings on their backs (their conditional drops). It is unknown if they actually use these in combat.

These grotesque insects have absolutely no qualms in having humans as part of their regular diet. In the first two games they are the very first red FOEs introduced, and the player is strongly advised to avoid engaging them at all costs as their level is way above-average for even normal FOEs present.

Stalker (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

Stalker1; border:2px solid #337800; background:;">
A carnivorous mantis that persistently chases travelers with its giant scythe-like claws.
Personal Details
HP 1200
AT 20
DF 25
EXP ???
Skills Amputate
Items Scythe, Harvester
Weakness Fire, Volt
Resistance Pierce, Ice
Professional Details
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Once again they are the first red FOEs the player has to face shortly after reaching 3F of the Ancient Forest. Their modus operandi, both within the labyrinth and in-battle is pretty much the same as before. However, they don't give any EXP points.


Stalkers have very high health with regards to the strata they are found in, so a battle of attrition is advised to slowly wear them down. They will only attack and use their Amputate skill, which hits once or twice only. Bind their arms or have a Protector provoke the Stalker and absorb its attacks. Even if the Protector dies, it is better to have the Stalker focus its attacks on a party member with high defense while you attack it with your powerful characters. Binding the Stalker's arms or poisoning it are good tactics.

Skills Edit

  • Amputate (Uses ???):

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get its conditional drop, the Harvester, you must kill it in the first turn of combat.

Mortal Hunter (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

Mortal Hunter
The king of insects in the thick forest. Its sharp scythe-arms end explorer's lives.
Personal Details
HP 3553
AT 70
DF 55
EXP 14380
Skills Amputate, Scythe Dance
Items Soft Scythe, Flower Scythe
Weakness None
Resistance None
Professional Details
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Now known as Mortal Hunters, they are deadlier than ever before. Their movements within their territories remain the same. However, being a FOE of the 5th stratum, they are truly fearsome in battle. They can take a lot of punishment and now their Amputate skill has a high chance to deliver a fatal strike.

Skills Edit

  • Amputate (Uses Arms): Deals damage to one party member, has a chance to instant kill.
  • Scythe Dance (Uses Arms): Hits up to 5 targets for damage.

Conditional DropEdit

  • To get its conditional drop, Flower Scythe, you must kill Mortal Hunter on the first turn of combat.

Omnihunter (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

The king of insects. The sharp sickles on its powerful arms can easily end an explorer's life.
Personal Details
HP 2176
AT 35
DF 34
EXP 10022
Skills Amputate, Scythe Dance
Items Soft Sickle
Weakness Bash, Volt
Resistance Slash
Professional Details
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Omnihunters appear in the Scarlet Pillars, on medium altitude. They patrol a set area, and immediately become hostile if the player enters any part of it. They don't move off their path that much, but since they move 2 squares a turn, it can be hard to avoid them. Fortunately, they can be distracted with poultry or fish. Feeding them the Golden Carp (from the Cloudy Stronghold) will turn them into a rare breed.

Should the party be caught fighting one, binding their arms will shut them down.

Skills Edit

  • Amputate (Uses arms): Cut attack to 1 party member, may instantly kill.
  • Scythe Dance (Uses arms): 2-5 random cut attacks across the entire party.

Related MonstersEdit

Reaping Shade (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Reaping Shade
Personal Details
HP 1378
AT 18
DF 13
EXP 2000
Skills Scythe Slash
Items Scythe, Tied Scythe (Conditional)
Weakness None
Resistance None
Professional Details
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Reaping Shades are first encountered on B3F of Emerald Grove as soon as you exit the stairs. It is the first red FOE encountered in the game and will actively chase you as long as you remain on its territory. However, like in Etrian Odyssey I, it has to stop once every 3 steps to check on your position, so it can be evaded if you time your maneuvers well. A good strategy for weaker parties is to bind its arms so it cannot attack.

Skills Edit

  • Scythe Slash (Uses arm):

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get the Reaping Shade's conditional drop, the Tied Scythe, you must kill one while its arms are bound.

Locations Edit

  • Emerald Grove: B1F (secret area), B3F - B4F

Related Monsters Edit

Indignant Mantis (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Indignant Mantis
Personal Details
HP 8337
AT 47
DF 36
Skills Charge, Execution Scythe
Items None
Weakness Ice, Curse, Paralyze, Poison, Blind
Resistance Death, Petrify
Professional Details
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The Indignant Mantis is a bonus enemy encountered during the quest "Law and order". After the party has vanquished the Livid Butcher on 1F, the thief runs upstairs to 2F to find more monsters to summon, only to be attacked by the Indignant Mantis. The player has this opportunity to pursue the thief to 2F and face off with this monster, or return to town and complete the quest. Going to other floors of the dungeon will also force the player to miss this opportunity to fight.

Should the player trump the Indignant Mantis, they can then arrest the thief and allow justice to be brought. As there is a bounty on his head, the player receives an additional quest reward of 30,000 en when they complete the quest.

The party might be slightly worn down after fighting through the Brainwashed Workers and the Livid Butcher without any chance to rest. Be sure to be well-supplied before commencing the quest. Bind the Mantis' arms, or inflict Blind on it to make the fight easier and reduce the incoming damage from a Charged Execution Scythe.


  • Real-life mantises, unlike their game counterparts, are ambush predators; they use their spiked scythe-like forelegs to capture their prey rather than decapitate them. However, they are famous for often eating their game heads first, a destiny that even their mates may not escape.

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