Stalking Shadow (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Stalking Shadow
A giant chameleon that lurks in places where it cannot be seen in order to ambush its prey.
Enemy Data
HP 2953
AT 48
DF 45
EXP 12011
Skills Camouflage, Entrapment, Blizzard
Items Earthy Skin
Weakness None
Resistance Ice
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The Stalking Shadow is a FOE that appears in the South Sanctuary. They are non-aggressive and follow a set "8" pattern around two chasms. Like the other chameleon enemies, normally it is almost impossible to hit while it is camouflaged. However, by binding its legs, it can be hit even if it attempts to camouflage itself. Any damage taken while camouflaged, including passive damage through poison, will immediately cancel it. The main danger lies in their Blizzard attack, which hits the entire party with heavy Ice damage.

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