Barkeep Cass.

The Stickleback Bar is a local bar in High Lagaard across from Sitoth Trading. Explorers and townspeople come to drink and talk about their troubles.

Guilds can accept requests from the public as quests from Barkeep Cass. More quests are unlocked as you progress through the labyrinth or complete previous ones.

People Edit

Workers Edit

  • Cass - The owner of the bar, Stickleback Bar.

Visitors Edit

  • Fafnir Knight (Protagonist) - The protagonist of Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold. A member of the Midgard Library and leader of a guild.
  • Arianna - The princess of Caledonia and member of the protagonist's guild.
  • Flavio - The protagonist's childhood friend and member of both the protagonist's guild and Midgard Library.
  • Bertrand - A lazy knight and shield-bearer, as well as a member of the protagonist's guild.
  • Chloe - A girl who is Bertrand's distant relative and a member of the protagonist's guild.
  • Rozsika The Erudite - a girl who assists explorers by giving basic information from fighting to exploring.
  • Tramonte - A member of Marmott's guild. He's in love with Marmott's sister, Lilly and attempts to get rare conditional drops from monsters to give to her as gifts.
  • Marmott, the Chronic Worrier - A member of Tramonte's guild and the brother of Lilly. He acts as Tramonte's older brother, always worrying about him and becomes frustrated whenever Tramonte attempts to get rare conditional drops for Lilly, which ends in failure.
  • Abrouille - An explorer who was pretending to be the protagonist, as well as member of the protagonist's guild.
  • Braggart Chap - Real name Chaplin, an old man who tells several wild tales about his young life as an explorer. No one believes his tales, which is why everyone calls him "Braggart Chap". Though it sounds unbelievable, the protagonist's guild will soon end up proving them true.
  • Castime, the Tall Tailor - A tall girl who specializes in making clothes and costumes. She helped the protagonist's guild in making an animal costume to disguise the guard as an animal.
  • Mercian, Puppy Owner - She is a beast tamer who owns a young, male dog. She helped the protagonist's guild look for Guidmaster Marion's missing brooch. Her puppy, who she gave the Stallion Meat (the tough meat from the Nightmare's neck), is named Bobby. Bobby is a small, male puppy, but his nose is good and he is so brave that he doesn't get scared from being in the labyrinth.
  • Thompson - A father of Abigail and smith/owner of Sitoth Trading.
  • Hanna - The mother of Quona and owner of Flaus Inn.

Life in LagaardEdit

This here bar’s a gathering place for any explorer with a mind to challenge the Labyrinth. But to me, they all look like baby chicks, still rubbing the eggshell out of their down.

For all yeh amateurs, I’m an endless fount of advice! I’ve watched countless guilds pass through in my day, and I know what I’m about. So listen well! To begin with, guilds are…

O-Oi! Where are yeh going? C’mon, listen to what I have to say! It gets better, I swear!

Cass, Etrian Odyssey II