The Imperial Prince took the Medium and absconded, but this is not over. Head him off in the depths of Yggdrasil!


Quest GuideEdit

The tree at the far north of the Cloudy Stronghold has disappeared, opening the way to the Forgotten Capital. However, most of the place has been sealed off by a giant door. Instead, head west past the Geomagnetic Pole, and you will find a passage that leads you back into an unexplored area of the Echoing Library. Explore the area and touch the throne, situated behind the door to the Cradle Guardian's room, then continue to find the other passages. You will be warped back to unexplored regions of the final floors of the Golden Lair, Misty Ravine, and Lush Woodlands, touching each of the thrones on the way. Once all four thrones have been activated, the rest of the Forgotten Capital is opened up for exploration.

At the end of the Forgotten Capital, Baldur awaits, but the Medium is nowhere to be found. He has completed the Yggdrasil's activation, and with its power, he transforms into the Cursed Prince and battles the party. After his defeat, the Yggdrasil stirs and rises out of the Capital. Return to your skyship to find that it has appeared as the Heavenbringer. Rise to the highest elevation and defeat the cause of the Calamity once and for all!

Watch the ending and credits, then save and load clear data.

You will resume the next in-game day after the Heavenbringer's defeat. Talk to the Outland Count to resolve the final mission.


  • Items: 50,000en, Tharsis Wing (Accessory: +100 HP, All Stats +10)
  • Exp: 30,000 per member
  • Bonus: Windrider Bell (Ship equipment - ignore wind currents), access to the Hall of Darkness.

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