The Empire's aims are loathsome and our negotiations have broken off. I need you to rescue the Medium and stop the Empire.


Quest GuideEdit

To even access the rest of the Cloudy Stronghold, enter the Windy Archive and obtain the Black Flame. This will enable high elevation for the skyship. However, Imperial skyships are fiercely patrolling the Echoing Library and can shoot down your ship at a moment's notice. Fortunately, Kirjonen and Wiglaf have volunteered to assist in acting as decoys to allow an opportunity for your skyship to slip past enemy lines and reach the Library. Either one of them will intentionally draw the attention of one of the ships on the east or west, and while the distracted ship is in pursuit, pass through the opening towards the center of the region - but mind the Ancient Keepers circulating its perimeter.

Once there, hit the Geomagnetic Pole to save time in resuming your quests on subsequent trips. The Library is guarded by Cold Watchman and Cruel Slayers - the latter will only activate if the party is spotted by the former. While it is easy to avoid the Watchmen, eventually there will be points in the Library where the inactive Slayers are blocking advance, forcing the player to purposefully alert the Watchman to proceed.

At B3F, Logre awaits the party near its entrance. He will not escape this battle. After his defeat, you can strike him down as he prepares a last-ditch attack, or tell him the Prince needs him or extend your hand. Either of the latter two options convinces him to join the party as a guest for this floor, much like Wufan and Kibagami in the previous labyrinths. Proceed to the end of the labyrinth to confront Prince Baldur. However, he will summon the Cradle Guardian to obstruct your path and buy him time to begin to activate the Yggdrasil.

Return to town and watch as the Yggdrasil disappears in its activation. Report the mission's results to the Count.


  • Items: 25,000en, Drive Blade Key (unlocks Imperials)
  • Exp: 20,000 per member
  • Bonus: Access to the Forgotten Capital, optionally recruit Logre into the guild.

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