The Storm Clone is a clone of the Dragon that appeared in Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey Untold.

Dragoid (Etrian Odyssey) Edit

A clone of the Dragon, created to protect the Labyrinth's deepest floor.
Enemy Data
HP 8500
AT 402
DF 136
EXP 7000
Skills Curse
Items Volt Core, Volt Skin
Weakness Pierce
Resistance Volt
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Dragoid protects Primevil's resting place. Even though it is weaker than the original, you also need to battle the other two elemental dragon clones, Drakoid and Wyrmoid.

In battle, it will switch between using Curse and attacking normally. If your party members can withstand a hit from the Dragoid and you bring enough healing items or a medic, you should have no trouble with this enemy.

Skills Edit

  • Curse (Uses ???): Deals damage to a single party member and heals itself for the inflicted amount.

Drops Edit

  • Volt Core (Worth: 9800 en)
  • Volt Skin (Worth: 12300 en)

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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Storm Clone (Etrian Odyssey Untold)Edit

Storm Clone
The Storm Emperor's clone, created to protect the Labyrinth's deepest floor.
Enemy Data
HP 16000
AT 84
DF 59
Skills Volt Torrent, Judgement, Ancient Curse
Items Dragon Core, Dragon Horn (Conditional)
Weakness Fire
Resistance Volt
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Renamed as the Storm Clone, it no longer guards Primevil's chamber, but is instead being relocated to a room in the B29F's warp maze. To reach it you must use a warp in B-3.

Like the other clones, the Storm Clone is a weaker version of the Storm Emperor, with a reduced moveset and lower stats. It will lead the battle with Volt Torrent, but subsequent uses of the move come every 4-5 turns, adding a degree of randomness to the battle.

Skills Edit

  • Volt Torrent (Uses ???):
  • Judgement (Uses ???):
  • Ancient Curse (Uses ???):

Drops Edit

  • Dragon Core (Worth: )
  • None.
  • Dragon Horn (Worth: )

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get its conditional drop, the Dragon Horn, you must defeat it with a bash attack.

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Trivia Edit

  • The fact that every of the dragon clones drop a volt core may hint toward they being, in fact, machines created based on the dragons, and work using said item as a core. This, however, is unconfirmed, as they are, in-game, called clones. Also, the item description says it is a embryo.