Supreme Wing (Etrian Odyssey IV) Edit

Supreme Wing
Supreme Wing (EOIV)
A giant raptor that flies the Windy Plains' skies. Novice explorers are no match for its might.
Enemy Data
HP 2540
AT 32
DF 31
EXP 7460
Skills Stone Eye, Sand Wing, Ripping Claw
Items Huge Feather
Weakness Pierce, Volt
Resistance None
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The Supreme Wing is seen flying at the mid-elevation on your first journey into the Windy Plains but it is harmless, as it cannot change elevation, nor can you, until completing Miasma Forest in the second land to reach medium elevation.

It patrols a fixed path, moving 2 squares per player step. It enjoys fish and feeding it a Dragon Carp (from the Cloudy Stronghold) will turn it into a rare breed.

Skills Edit

  • Stone Eye (Uses Head): May petrify a party member.
  • Sand Wing (Uses Arms): Ranged attack to entire party, reduces their accuracy for 3 turns.
  • Ripping Claw (Uses Legs): Melee cut attack to a party member.

Drops Edit

  • Huge Feather (Worth: 903 en)
  • None.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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