"Specialists in forest survival. Their deadly arrows and extraordinary speed can save the party."
Survivalist description, Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight


True masters of the labyrinth, these quick-footed bowmen strike fear into their foes' hearts with dead-on accuracy.

The Survivalist (レンジャー Ranger in the Japanese version) is an expert at forest survival, allowing them to navigate the Labyrinth with ease. With their quick hands and quicker wits, they're a force to be reckoned with, picking off their targets one-by-one with deadly precision, destroying their capabilities in the process. Despite their weak defense, their quick reflexes make them a force to be reckoned with on either line of battle.


Stat Progression Edit

Grimoire StonesEdit


Skills to generate:

  • Efficiency: Pass to other fast party members so they can make the most out of Somaprime and Hamaoprime.
  • AGI Up: Speed up your slower party members.
  • Take/Chop/Mine: Roll all three into a single Grimoire Stone to enable easy harvesting.
  • Act First: Allow your party members to occasionally outspeed even rare breed enemies.
  • Resuscitate: A parallel to Revive that allows you to resurrect your other Revive users in the field.

Skills best given to Survivalists:

  • Unbind, Refresh (Medic): Quickly purge ailments or binds from the party before the enemy can capitalize on it.
  • Sapping/Frailty Curse (Hexer): Debuffs are best applied at the beginning of turns.
  • Penetrator, High Caliber, Vulcan Stance, Double Strike (Gunner): Your attack options are so sparse you will frequently see yourself using normal attacks a lot. Passives or skills that augment them are appreciated.
  • ATK Up: Survivalists don't get this in their skill tree.


Skills to generate:

  • Natural Instinct: Easily fills in a vacant Grimoire slot in party members to increase resource gathering profits.
  • Speed Up: Remedy the drawbacks of the more sluggish party members.
  • Trick Step: Reasonably low-costed debuff that, with luck, can literally save lives in boss fights.

Skills best given to Survivalists:

  • Unbind, Refresh (Medic): Quickly purge ailments or binds from the party, especially those that prevent dodging, before the enemy can capitalize on it.
  • Ailment-inducing Curses (Hexer): Cripple groups of enemies with debilitating ailments before they can strike.
  • Sapping Curse (Hexer): Weaken threats before they strike.
  • Phys ATK Up: Survivalists don't get this in their skill tree. Giving this will increase their damage potential.
  • Penetrator (Gunner): Works marvels when combined with Drop Shot.
  • Pre-Initiative (Ronin): Complements the Survivalist's speed.
  • Post-Initiative (Ronin): Raises evasion rate to increase chance of getting to fire a stronger Hazy Arrow.
  • Vital Shut, Mind Shut (Fafnir): Utilize the Survivalist's strong Agility and Luck to bind enemy body parts. Leg bind can already be taken care of with Disabling Shot.



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