Swordfish (or Sworder) is a monster found in Etrian Odyssey and Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City.

On both incarnations, it's depicted as a flying fish with a large blade coming out of its head and sharp wings. Also, it's very resistant against physical attacks, meaning you have to use elemental attacks in order to fight it effectively.

Sworder (Etrian Odyssey I)Edit

A flying fish of the Labyrinth. Lunges at its prey with its

sharp, sword-like wings.

Enemy Data
HP 301
AT 122
DF 84
EXP 889
Skills None
Items Fish Scale, Fish Fin
Weakness Volt
Resistance Slash, Ice
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Sworders are first encountered on B14F.

It´s resistances to slash attacks is extremely high; even a level 70 character will only do about 80 damage.

Related MonstersEdit

Swordfish (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

A type of flying fish with sword-like fins all over its slim, slippery body.
Enemy Data
HP 358
AT 36
DF 28
EXP 1506
Skills Gale Blade
Items Swordfish Skin, Swordfish Fin
Weakness Volt
Resistance Physical Attacks
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Swordfishes are first encountered on B13F.

They are fairly weak and do not pose much of a threat, but can inflict moderate damage with Gale Blade, which is a slash attack against a single enemy. Note that Gale Blade is a very fast attack, making it possible for the Swordfish to kill a low health party member off before you have a chance to heal it.

Skills Edit

  • Gale Blade (Uses ???): Deals damage to one target, has high speed.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

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