Terrible Hunter is a dinosaur-like FOE found in Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold.

 Terrible Hunter (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Terrible Hunter
Terrible Hunter
The leader of the raptor population. Do not go up against it if you are not prepared!
Enemy Data
HP 5280
AT 20
DF 16
EXP 1500
Skills Rending Bite, Menacing Glare
Items Brass Claw
Weakness Ice
Resistance Stun. Instant Death, Petrify, Sleep, Head Bind
Immune None
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Terrible Hunter is an FOE only encountered on the 3rd floor of the Ancient Forest, and is the leader of the Raptor population. The Terrible Hunter will chase the party much like Raptors but with its own quirk. It's very powerful compared to Raptors so it's recommended to skip it and come back later when you're more powerful.

Terrible Hunter can jump over pitfalls, making it much harder to trap. However, it can only jump over one trap at a time, so you can use the adjacent traps in the room to exploit its weakness. When trapped it acts identical to Raptors and cannot jump over traps anymore.

In combat, it can use Rending Bite, which deals bash damage and has a splash effect, and Menacing Glare, which lowers physical DEF of 1 line for 3 turns. Inflicting the Terrible Hunter with head bind is an effective way to deal with it, as it stops the creature from using both of its skills.

Skills Edit

  • Rending Bite (uses head): Deals heavy damage to a single target and splash damage to adjacent characters.
  • Menacing Glare (uses head): Lowers the defense of a character row.
Terrible Hunter Stuck in Pitfall

The Terrible Hunter stuck in a pitfall.

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