A mansion owned by the Sheldon family. Raquna's father gave her permission to use it as a base of operations for her and her guildmembers, as well as sending over one of the top maids, Rosa, in order to maintain the mansion and act as guildkeeper. Rosa is extremely polite and soft-spoken, given her profession. She will sometimes make requests that will ask the guild to kill a certain monster for traders. She will also give items that she acquired from Shilleka's Goods in order to help protect the guild.


  • Guildkeeper: Here one can ask for assistance or to review quests that have been given. When there are multiple guildkeepers in the mansion, one can change who will greet them at the door. Different guildkeepers will give different forms of assistance.
  • Grimoire Stones: After evaluating the Grimoire stones, you can distribute ones to the guild members or synthesize them to create new and better Grimoire stones.
  • Manage Items: Store or retrieve items here. However, the Guildhouse can only hold up to 99 items of combined consumables, equipment, and materials.
  • Data Settings: Here you can manage the Guild Card, as well as read the QR codes of other guilds, activate or deactivate Streetpass, and generate extra data to the SD card.
Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Town - Preparing For Tomorrow01:56

Etrian Odyssey Untold TMG - Town - Preparing For Tomorrow

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