The city must always seek out resources if it is to develop. There is word of a kapok grove in the Windy Plains. Find it.

Quest GuideEdit

The Outland Count has asked you to find a "Kapok Grove" located somewhere on the Windy Plains. It is not necessary to physically discover the grove, but simply talk to him again and give him the co-ordinates. To find the grove yourself, ask him for a hint and he'll direct you to the A/2 quadrant. Explore the quadrant until you find an area that you can "check". The game will prompt you to mark the location on your map and report back the count.

The Co-ordinates are A/2-B/5 OR A/3-2/1 (The two groves are right next to each other, and either will work). Remember you need not physically go to the grove if you already have the coordinate.


  • Exp: 1,000
  • Item: Simple Scope x2

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