Can you get Golden Shell x5 from the Beetle Lord in the Hall of Darkness and deliver it here?

The crying insect

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Quest GuideEdit

This is a really standard quest, all you have to do is get the Golden Shell drop from the Beetle Lord who dwells on B1F of the Hall of Darkness. Though the Beetle Lord can be difficult to handle for some as they don't have any weaknesses, you can easily create a weakness with a Runemaster's runes or used any attack that does untyped damage like an Imperial 's Accel Drive or an Arcanist's Dismiss Blast. The Venom Throw skill of the Nightseeker, when maxed out, can also eat up a lot of the Beetle Lord's health without checking its defenses. That'll make short work of them thus making this mission a lot easier and less time consuming!

At the end of this quest the lady at the bar explains that Atlus had an idea for a Fortress specific shield made for a certain tomboy fortress.


  • Reward: Medica IV x3
  • EXP: 13,000 per member

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