My name is Kohst, and I research Yggdrasil for the Empire. I have a request for (guild name). Please come see me.


Quest GuideEdit

Begin the quest by talking to Kohst at the bar. He gives you a shard and hints that the other races may have something linked to it. Head to the entrances to both the Vessels' and Sentinels' villages to prompt a scene where you collect the remainder of the shards. The disc is complete, but something else seems missing. Go back and talk to the Outland Count to complete the disc. Head to the Dancing Peacock and talk to Kohst to get the Omnikey.

With the Omnikey in tow, you can now open the locked door in the Moth's Garden, and do battle with Iwaoropenelep. On victory, the party gets the jeweled sword, Epetem. Return to the bar, and show the sword to Kohst to complete the quest.

Iwaoropenelep will also begin to respawn in the Moth's Garden like the other bosses for players willing to get more of its drops.


  • Exp: 25,000 per member
  • Money: 100,000en
  • Bonus: Epetam (Knife - 147 ATK, 5 AGI)

Related QuestsEdit

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