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Therian is one of the races in Etrian Odyssey V. Hailing from the mountains beyond the forest, these part-beasts form a warrior race, and their Strength and Agility growth is phenomenal, at the cost of Vitality and Wisdom.


During creation, Therians default to either Masurao or Rovers. Their great Strength and Agility ties in well to these classes, allowing them to be reliable damage dealers. Masurao are typically overfocused on offense and care little for defenses, while the Rover's low durability is mitigated by their ability to function on the back line.

Past level 5, Therians can take on other classes. Compared to Earthlain in their base classes, Therians tend to hit harder, act faster, dodge more often, and enjoy a slightly larger max TP, but are less durable and less skilled at ailment and bind infliction. Compared to Brouni in their base classes, Therians will act faster, dodge more, and are more skilled at ailment infliction, but suffer from a lower TP pool, reduced durability, and decreased healing and magic damage. Therians will also do significantly more damage with the Shaman's Invoke Gods skill, though this is the only STR-based skill that either Shamans or Botanists have.

Stat ProgressionEdit

1 56 45 20 8 12 11 19 13
10 80 63 28 11 17 15 27 20
20 107 83 38 15 24 20 36 28
30 139 107 49 20 32 25 48 37
70 291 220 102 43 69 52 101 82
99 437 330 154 66 105 78 152 125

Race SkillsEdit

Skill Description Type Requires
Analyze Registers one enemy's details into the Monstrous Codex during battle. Union (1) Automatic
Double Attack Two allies attack one enemy with their equipped weapons. Union (2)
Full Retreat High chance to escape from battle and return to the floor's entrance. Union (3)
Mana Heal Slightly restores TP to the party. Union (4)
Wide Swing Strikes all enemies with equipped weapon. Union (1) None
Ares' Grace May restore a small amount of TP when using a Base skill in battle. Passive
Hunting Skill Allows hunting of beasts for provisions in the labyrinth. Slightly increases STR. Field
Mine Increases material yield from mining. Field
Binding Force For one turn, cut/stab/bash attacks may bind the enemy. Union (2) Character Lv5
Reflexes Avoid tough spots with quick reflexes. Also slightly increases evasion. Passive
Precaution Increases chances of preemptive strike. Can stack. Also slightly increases WIS. Passive
Brute Strength Moves heavy objects with beastly might. Also slightly increases STR. Passive
Life Drain For one turn, the whole party recovers HP each time damage is dealt to the enemy. Union (3) Character Lv10
Forage Skill Grants a keen eye for your surroundings. Also slightly increases AGI. Passive
Fishing Allows catching fish at certain spots in the labyrinth. Field
Third Eye May prevent being blinded. Also slightly increases AGI. Passive
Tri-Attack Long-ranged cut, bash, and stab attack to one enemy. Union (4) Character Lv15
Bodybuilding Slightly increases STR and VIT. Stat Up
Cardio Slightly increases AGI and LUC. Stat Up
Talent Slightly increases INT and WIS. Stat Up
All-Out Attack All 5 allies attack one enemy with equipped weapon. Also inflicts stun. Union (5) Character Lv20
Ares' Gift May restore a small amount of TP when using a Master skill in battle. Passive
Bulwark Slightly increases cut/stab/bash resistance. Passive
Sorting Skill Increases inventory space by 5. Can stack. Also slightly increases VIT. Passive

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