The Thunder Hare (also refered to as Thunder Rabbit) is a powerful rabbit enemy with great control over lightning. It made its first appearance in Etrian Odyssey IV.

Thunder Hare (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Thunder Hare
Due to it constantly calling down lightning, this Forest Hare gained control over the storm.
Enemy Data
HP 664
AT 48
DF 42
EXP 3239
Skills Heavenly Bolt
Items Thunder Tooth
Weakness None
Resistance Volt
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Thunder Hares are first encountered in the hidden area of Misty Ravine B3F. Its mastery of thunder magic allows it to rain lightning on the party from the safety of the back row. Should it suddenly find itself on the front row, however, it will panic and do nothing.

Skills Edit

  • Heavenly Bolt (Uses Head): Unleashes Volt damage on random party members.

Related MonstersEdit

Thunder Rabbit (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Thunder Rabbit
Thunder Rabbit
A rabbit that can summons lightning bolts. Fortunately, it is less apt at close range.
Enemy Data
HP 456
AT 37
DF 27
Skills Heaven's Bolt
Items Snow Teeth, Chattering Tooth (conditional)
Weakness Physical attacks, Fear
Resistance Elemental attacks, Stun, Poison, Blind
Immune Head bind
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Thunder Rabbits are extremely dangerous enemies encountered on the secret area of the Ancient Forest.

In combat it will always start the fight on the back row while raining thunder attacks upon you with the powerful Heaven's Bolt skill, which deals heavy volt-elemental damage to random targets, and hits 5 times. This attack is powerful enough to kill most characters in two hits, sometimes even one-shooting them. The amount of hits also ensures that you won't be able to block the attack with Volt Wall, unless you use more than one Walls per-turn. The enemy is also immune to head bind, meaning that it is impossible to seal the attack. Heaven's Bolt can only be used from the back row however, if the rabbit is forced to move to the front line, it will no longer use the powerful attack.

Ways to counter this include the aforementioned multiple volt wall strategy, as it will block two hits per character, instead of just one. Using skills and items that reduce volt damage also helps, as well as inflicting fear on the Thunder Rabbit, as the enemy is vulnerable to the status, and killing it while it is scared will net you its conditional drop. Other status effects, such as panic and sleep also work, but are not as effective. If you have a gunner, you can also use Shell Shock, which can stun the creature while it is on the back row. However, do keep in mind that this enemy is resistant to stun, so a character with high luck and skills that improve status effects may be required.

Skills Edit

  • Heaven's Bolt (uses head): Deals heavy volt-elemental damage to random targets. Hits 5 times.

Conditional Drop Edit

In order to get the Chattering Tooth, you must defeat it is inflicted with the fear status. Selling this to the shop unlocks the Aegir Helm, the best helmet for Fafnir.

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