Etrian Odyssey has an in-game time shown in the top left corner of the upper screen with a graphical spinner and a number beside it. There are various game events that are affected by the current game time. The game advances one hour every 30 steps taken on the map or turns taken in battle, or 2 hours for every turn at sea.

Day/Night CycleEdit

Etrian Odyssey I and IIEdit

Period Time
Morning 5AM - 9AM
Day 10AM - 3PM
Evening 4PM - 5PM
Night 6PM - 4AM

Etrian Odyssey III and OnwardsEdit

Period Time
Morning 7 AM - 9 AM
Day 10 AM - 3 PM
Evening 4 PM - 6 PM
Night 7 PM - 6 AM


The calendar system was introduced in Etrian Odyssey II introduced the calendar system. Whenever you enter the main menu, next to it you will be presented with a name and a number: The name represents the month, and the number is the current day of that month. Most of the months have a Chinese zodiacal motif, and all months have 28 days except Summoner, which has only 1 day. 28*13+1=365 days.

There is no known use for the calendar system beyond keeping track of the time, waiting for FOEs or bosses to respawn.

Month Meaning Color (EO3 onwards) Period #
Emperor Emperor Blue January 1 - January 28 28
Dormouse Rat Lemon January 29 - February 25 28
Taurus Ox Lemon February 26 - March 25 28
Tiger Tiger Lemon March 26 - April 22 28
Lapin Rabbit Green April 23 - May 20 28
Uroboros Dragon Green May 21 - June 17 28
Serpent Snake Green June 18 - July 15 28
Stallion Horse Orange July 16 - August 12 28
Aries Sheep Orange August 13 - September 9 28
Capuchin Monkey Orange September 10 - October 7 28
Phoenix Rooster White October 8 - November 4 28
Demiurge Dog White November 5 - December 2 28
Khrysaor Pig White December 3 - December 30 28
Summoner Demon Red (Purple after EO4) December 31 1

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