Etrian Odyssey has an in-game time shown in the top left corner of the upper screen with a graphical spinner and a number beside it. There are various game events that are affected by the current game time. The game advances one hour approximately every 30 steps taken on the map.

Day/Night CycleEdit

Etrian Odyssey I and II Hourly Time ProgressionEdit

Period Time
Morning 5AM - 9AM
Day 10AM - 3PM
Evening 4PM - 5PM
Night 6PM - 4AM

After Etrian Odyssey III Hourly Time ProgressionEdit

Period Time
Morning 7 AM - 9 AM
Day 10 AM - 3 PM
Evening 4 PM - 6 PM
Night 7 PM - 6 AM


In addition to the day/night system, Etrian Odyssey II introduced the calendar system. Whenever you enter the main menu, next to it you will be presented with a name and a number: The name represents the month, and the number is the current day of that month. All months have a Chinese zodiacal motif, all months have 28 days except Summoner, which have 1 day. 28*13+1=365 days.

The only known use for this is to keep track of the time; quite useful when you are waiting for FOEs or bosses to respawn.

Month Meaning Color (After EO3) Period #
Emperor Emperor Blue January 1 - January 28 28
Dormouse Rat Lemon January 29 - February 25 28
Taurus Ox Lemon February 26 - March 25 28
Tiger Tiger Lemon March 26 - April 22 28
Lapin Rabbit Green April 23 - May 20 28
Uroboros Dragon Green May 21 - June 17 28
Serpent Snake Green June 18 - July 15 28
Stallion Horse Orange July 16 - August 12 28
Aries Sheep Orange August 13 - September 9 28
Capuchin Monkey Orange September 10 - October 7 28
Phoenix Rooster White October 8 - November 4 28
Demiurge Dog White November 5 - December 2 28
Khrysaor Pig White December 3 - December 30 28
Summoner Demon Red (Purple after EO4) December 31 1

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