"It is said that this island hides a buried pirate treasure. However, rumors are just wind... No treasure has been found on this island for decades." -Sea Quest Description

The fourth location to be reached, it can be found as long as you possess the Foremast. It is to the southeast of the South Ocean.


  1. With Raisins and Foremast in tow, sail west three turns and south one turn to go around the currents by the Skandalia Lighthouse.
  2. Head west another three turns and north one turn directly into the westbound current. The island by the current is the home of the Dolphin Statue, which can be found along the way to the lighthouse.
  3. At the end of the current, head south one turn, west one turn. Sail south just one turn and check the island for Amber.
  4. Afterwards, sail south two turns. Head east one turn, south one turn and east one more turn to reach the point.

Sea QuestsEdit

The sea quests at Tortuga Island require you to put down the ghastly Ghost Ship.

The jeweled branchEdit

Kirikaze: Level 32 Ninja on a Quest (Ninja) - Back Row

Treasure IslandEdit

Dezerte: Level 28 Butterflies (Princess) - Front Row

Toma: Level 29 Butterflies (Farmer) - Back Row

The dutifulEdit

Zaby: Level 28 Crossjanke (Buccaneer) - Front Row

Ivil: Level 27 Crossjanke (Arbalist) - Back Row

Gavler: level 26 Crossjanke (Arbalist) - Back Row

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