"Unclean cave despoiled by chaos"

A poisonous lizard's breath has befouled the air here. It's said that rare plant life can be found in placed where the poison is thick.

Toxic Cave (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

This cave is located in the northwestern part of the Sacred Mountains, accessed only after receiving the Storm God Icon enabling passage through whirlwinds.

This cave isn't a very eventful cave compared to other caves, the only real treasure here is the ability to obtain the Cork Bark which is what you can yield when the Poison Lizard spits poison on a "chop" point. This is also what is asked for in the Quest: Medicinal poison?.

Gather PointsEdit

Chop (without Poison)Edit

  • Pagoda Branch
    • A resilient branch with egg-shaped leaves
    • 120 en
  • Cave Palm Bark
    • This palm can grow even in dark places
    • 360 en

Chop (with Poison)Edit

  • Cork Bark
    • Antibacterial tree bark infused with venom.
    • 400 en


  • A/1-2/4: A Sentinel tells you about some red fruit
  • A/1-2/5: Eat the Red fruit to gain 80HP
  • B/2-5/5 or C/1-3/3: Get the Poison Lizard to spit up on either of these chop points to complete the quest Medicinal poison?.


Small ChestEdit

  • A/2-2/2: Medica II
  • B/2-3/1: Sanctus

Monsters FoundEdit

FOEs PresentEdit


  • Medicinal poison? - I want someone to bring me back some Cork Bark from a poisonous cavern. It seems to react to some monster venom...

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