Tree Sponge (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Tree Sponge
A plant being that spins out of control, knocking foes off their feet!
Enemy Data
HP 4808
AT 25
DF 22
EXP 5000
Skills Spin Drive
Items Water Bubble, Fire Heartwood (ingredient)
Weakness Cut, Fire, Blind
Resistance Death, Petrify, Sleep
Immune Stun
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Tree Sponges are FOEs found in 6F of the Auburn Thicket. They patrol fixed areas. Should they get in the attack range of a Baby Salamander while the grounds are ablaze, they will be killed instantly.

In-battle, Tree Sponges will only use normal attacks until they are hit by a physical attack - at that point they begin spinning and can use Spin Drive, an attack that hits the entire party but also causes the Tree Sponge to stop spinning. Because it is a lot less lethal when not being constantly pummeled, it is ideal that the party takes their time in preparing an attack before unleashing it all in one turn so they don't get destroyed by multiple Spin Drives - either that, or pummel away with purely elemental attacks to prevent it from spinning.


  • Spin Drive (Uses arms): Melee physical attack to the entire party. Used only if it is spinning rapidly, stops spinning on use.

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