Treefrog is a monster fought in Etrian Odyssey. While absent from the sequel, it returns in Etrian Odyssey III and Etrian Odyssey IV the Forest Frog. It is a weaker, early game variant of the frog family.

Those strange frogs are found of humid environments, and usually attack using their long legs.

Treefrog (Etrian Odyssey)Edit

A large frog native to the forest. Adventurers with any

experience should have no problems.

Enemy Data
HP 180
AT 84
DF 61
EXP 720
Skills Bind Caw
Items Gum Throat, Rock Coral
Weakness Crush, Volt
Resistance None
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Treefrogs are first encountered on B11F and stop appearing once you reach the B14F. Treefrogs are among the least threatening monsters in the 3rd stratum. They are for the most part ordinary and they do not use their skill often. The Treefrog can also summon another treefrog when only one or two of them are present for a short while.

The Bind Caw (Yeah, Bind Caw, not Bind Claw, Croak is a synonym for Caw, and Frogs don't have claws, so same deal.) will attempt to head bind your entire party. They don't do this skill very often and it oftentimes won't present a problem. Like the Description of it, anybody with any experience should have no problems.

Treefrogs are often alone with another, different companion instead of others of their own kind, though a more common companion is the Hexfrog from the next floor.

Treefrogs can drop Gum Throats and Rock Coral. Rock Coral can also be mined from the B11F, if you'd rather get it that way.

  • You need 10 Rock Coral to make the Medica IV Medicine.
  • You need 1 Rock Coral, 1 Stab Shell, and 1 Sea Branch to make a Sea Charm (DEF+1 TP+20).
  • You need 5 Gum Throats for a Gum Whip (AT+70).
  • You need 3 Gum Throats and a Glass Eye (Hexfrog) to make a Fancy Coat (DEF+11, VIT+3).

Related MonstersEdit

Forest Frog (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

Forest Frog
Tree Frog
A large frog that uses its powerful leaps to pounce on enemies. It poses little threat.
Enemy Data
HP 72
AT 6
DF 5
EXP 73
Skills Jump
Items Slimy Leg, Frog Cheek
Weakness Ice
Resistance None
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Forest Frogs are encountered on the B1F and can be seen throughout the entire first stratum.

Forest Frogs are among the weakest enemies in the game. It has a Jump skill which does more damage than its normal attack, but this attack is only threatening if your level is very low and/or you still have the basic armor. Forest Frogs are otherwise quite harmless. Forest Frogs strongly resemble Treefrogs from the original Etrian Odyssey. (Etrian Odyssey IVs description confirms the connection).

Unlike the Fanged Fish and the Deadly Durian who are also fought from the start, the Forest Frog doesn't have a combinaton skill with the stronger monsters further down in the dungeon.

Skills Edit

  • Jump (Uses Legs): Deals damage.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related MonstersEdit

Forest Frog (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

Forest Frog
Treefrog IV
A large frog native to the forest. Adventurers with any experience should have no problems.
Enemy Data
HP 112
AT 11
DF 9
EXP 223
Skills Sticky Tongue, Jump
Items Frog Cheek Meat, Frog Fluid
Weakness Ice
Resistance None
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The Forest Frog's sticky tongue can bind your feet and it has a lot of HP for a beginning enemy. Found in the Small Orchard and Valley Spring.

Skills Edit

  • Sticky Tongue (Uses Head): Inflicts Stab damage on a single target with chance of Leg Bind.
  • Jump (Uses Legs): Inflicts Bash damage on a single target.

Conditional DropEdit

  • In order to get the Frog Fluid, you must defeat the Forest Frog with a Bash attack. A mace or a staff will provide this.

Related MonstersEdit

Great Frog (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold)Edit

Great Frog
Their leap attacks tend to ward off attackers, but if not, these frogs will cry out for aid.
Enemy Data
HP 10979
AT 45
DF 38
Skills Jump
Items Frog Skin
Weakness Bash, Curse
Resistance Stun, Death, Petrify, Fear, Sleep, Confuse, Paralyze
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The Great Frog is an FOE first found on 18F of the Petal Bridge. Once the player enters the room, it turns aggressive, and every 2 player steps it will perform a 2-tile leap towards the player. Careful manipulation of where it will jump can result in the Great Frog leaping into a hole and disappearing from the room without needing to engage in combat.

During combat, the first thing the Great Frog will do is summon a party of Delusion Frogs. These quickly become the main threat of the fight as they will begin to use Hex on the party, inflicting Curse on them and resulting in a highly offensive team killing themselves. Once the Delusion Frogs are taken out, the Great Frog will not call any more, leaving only its Jump attack the remaining threat.


  • Some real frogs can be infected by parasites when they are still tadpoles, which causes them to grow useless, extra limbs which hinder their movements and makes them easy prey for cranes, which are the parasites' actual targets.

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