Trigourd (also refered as Tri-Pumpkin and Cursed Pupkin) is a recurring FOE in the series, and is part of a trio of pumpkin FOEs, often associated with each other and sometimes even fought together.

Aside from Etrian Odyssey II, on most of its appearances it is depicted as the strongest of the trio. The Trigourd boast incredible defenses and the ability to inflict status effects, making it a deadly enemy.

Trigourd (Etrian Odyssey II)Edit

A 3-headed beast that rarely shows itself without a jack o'lantern present.
Enemy Data
HP 780
AT 27
DF 27
Skills Pain, Whisper
Items Curse Bone, Gourd Head, Bendy Tool
Weakness Ice, Volt
Resistance None
Immune All Physical, Fire
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Trigourd are invisible FOEs that can be found throughout the second stratum.

Due to its ridiculously high physical resistance, it is nearly impossible to defeat without elemental attacks. It is advisable to have one, if not more, adventurers with ice element attacks before facing a Trigourd.

Skills Edit

  • Pain (Uses ???):
  • Whisper (Uses ???):

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Tri-Pumpkin (Etrian Odyssey III)Edit

The most dangerous form of the Death Pumpkin, it can call on allies to overwhelm its foes.
Enemy Data
HP 1430
AT 58
DF 55
EXP 4722
Skills Crazy Nose, Binding, Halloween
Items Cursed Femur, Pumpkin Head
Weakness None
Resistance Elemental, Physical
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The Tri-Pumpkin is found in the sixth Stratum, the Cyclopean Haunt.

Skills Edit

  • Crazy Nose (Uses ???): Panics the entire party with moderate success rate.
  • Binding (Uses ???): Binds arms of the entire party with high success rate.
  • Halloween (Uses ???): Cooperation attack with Death Pumpkin and Hell Pumpkin. Moderate fire damage + all binds to entire party.

It can also summon a Death Pumpkin or a Hell Pumpkin.

Conditional Drop Edit

  • None.

Related MonstersEdit

Trigourd (Etrian Odyssey IV)Edit

A pumpkin ghost with three heads. It is said to be the most combative of the ghastly pumpkins.
Enemy Data
HP 2519
AT 73
DF 73
EXP ???
Skills Binding, Crazy Noise, Trigourd Tune
Items Cursed Femur, Pumpkin Head
Weakness None
Resistance Slash, Pierce, Crush, Fire, Frost, Volt
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Trigourd is a very powerful FOE found in the Hall of Darkness. Of the three ghastly pumpkins it is by far the strongest. It specializes in direct damage, but is resistant to all forms of attack and has very high attack and defense.

When fighting one it is highly recommended to use a Runemaster as using a rune can create openings for your other party members to exploit, and they have access to the Origin Rune skill that which is a Typeless attack, and this cannot be resisted. A Sniper's Silver Arrow skill will bypass the Trigourd's defenses and do good damage. Not only that but a Imperial's Accel Drive will put Trigourd out in a heartbeat as it does typeless damage with the only draw back being the 9-turn cooldown, which is redundant as it is unlikely to survive. An Imperial subclassed with a Runemaster can potentially overkill the thing with more than 3 times it's total health in damage. If possible, the Burst attack Supernova could end the fight before it truly begins.

Skills Edit

  • Binding (Uses ???):
  • Crazy Noise (Uses ???):
  • Trigourd Tune (Uses ???):

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Cursed Pumpkin (Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold) Edit

Cursed Pumpkin
Cursed Pumpkin
A three-headed pumpking. Weaken it before you strike!
Enemy Data
HP 18418
AT 81
DF 65
Skills Terror Pain, Absorb Vine
Items Pale Bone, Poison Pumpkin (conditional), Blue Pumpkin (ingredient)
Weakness All Elemental
Resistance Stun, Instant Death, Petrify, Fear, All Binds
Immune All Physical, Curse
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Trigourd, renamed as Cursed Pumpkin, is an FOE first found in 28F the Forbidden Wood.

Staying true to its ghastly appearance, the Cursed Pumpkin is able to pass through solid walls, often ambushing the player in the foggy rooms of the final stratum. While the FOE is inside a wall, it will not turn aggressive even if the player is right next to them, and if they are obstructed - usually due to the presence of another FOE like a frightened Icy Bulb, the FOE will be stranded inside the wall and rendered completely harmless. In rooms with good visibility, the Cursed Pumpkin turns aggressive if the player stands within 3 squares of them - provided there is a clear line of sight and the Pumpkin is not within a wall.

In combat, the Cursed Pumpkin is one of the weakest FOEs in the final stratum. It does, however, boast incredible defenses, often taking single digits of damage from physical attacks. For that reason, focusing on using elemental attacks is the ideal strategy.

Its only offensive skill is Terror Pain, which deals heavy Almighty damage to the entire party and inflicts fear on them. While this attack is powerful, the FOE will very rarely use it. It will always open the fight with this attack however. It may also use Absorb Vine, which deals TP damage to a character row.

Skills Edit

  • Terror Pain (uses head): Heavy Almighty damage to the entire party. May inflict fear.
  • Absorb Vine (uses head): Drains some TP of a single character row.

Conditional Drops Edit

In order to get its conditional drop, the Poison Pumpkin, you must kill the Cursed Pumpkin with damage from the poison status effect. Merely defeating it while poisoned will NOT drop the item. These are used to make the prized Formaldehyde item which will make acquiring other conditional drops much easier.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Trigourd and its two cousins are said to be spirits. In EO2, they are presumably the spirits of adventurers who hold a grudge against the Overlord. In EO4's Hall of Darkness, they are presumably the spirits of Yggdrasil Project scientists who were killed by the Warped Savior. It is unknown where the Cyclopean Haunt's variations come from (or how they ended up in that Stratum, since presumably, no human has ever set foot in it until the player's guild was tasked with killing the Abyssal God). The best possible explanation could be that those variations were the spirits of adventurers manipulated by Olympia into getting themselves killed (to prevent the Deep City's discovery), and hold a grudge against her for it (and that they're in the Cyclopean Haunt instead of the Undersea Grotto because the Abyssal God might have the power to summon spirits to his Stratum and did so to use them as guards).

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